Explore our simple six step financial planning process



01. FIT Meeting

The initial engagement meeting (in-person or online) that establishes our relationships and determines if we are a FIT for each other.



2. Discovery

We gather data pertaining to your goals, needs and
objectives and use this information to form financial strategies to help meet your goals. 


3. Plan Development

Our team goes to work, confirming all the initial output from the data gathering and the analysis, and finally collects any missing data from you.


4. Plan Presentation

We present the recommendations and results for the plan to help ensure success.


5. Implementation

You can review the plan and then when approved, we get to work implementing strategies and recommendations.

Disclosure: Implementation, which involves purchasing products and services, is separate and distinct from the financial planning services. Clients can, but are under no obligation to, implement the advice of Lifemore Financial Group, its affiliates, or any unaffiliated financial institution of the client’s choice. Implementation of the financial planning advices is achieved through a separate relationship with the client.


6. Ongoing Review

We provide personalized and timely reviews so that your plan stays on track and any adjustments can be made.